Dyeing System for 3D printing I 3DColor

Ideal to color PA11, PA12, PA6, TPU parts

The 3DColor dyeing system has been developed by a large distributor of EOS SLS and HP MJF 3D printers, to meet the demands of black shades. With its innovative technology, the 3D Color machine makes it easy to color 3D printed parts in PA 12, PA 11, etc ...

Thanks to its touch screen and its wide range of pre-programmed colors, the machine can dye up to 2 kgs of parts at once, in its 78 liter tank.

They come out with a uniform color quality, and dyed up to 200μm deep, without affecting the properties of the parts.

Increases life of 3D printed parts

Ideal also for production series

Small footprint: 1.20 m x 1.07 m x 85 cm

2.5 Hours
Comment teindre des pièces imprimées en 3D avec imprimante HP 3D



The 3DColor dyeing system uses a very simple technique and yet so reliable: the water color!

  • RELIABLE: No chemical process, no complex handling! The 3DColor machine is built to last: mecano-welded steel structure and stainless steel basket. The parts are dyed in colored water, and the machine can self-clean (except when using black color). It's as easy as that. And it can continue for years.
  • SAFETY: The entire system is secured to avoid any risk of splashing water outside the machine. The pieces come out unchanged in the mechanical properties.

  • ECONOMIC: Since 3DColor uses water and not a chemical process, the cost of operation is very low.
  • INTUITIVE: The 3DColor comes with pre-loaded programs in the user interface and you are free to add your own programs.


Cycle of dye
2-2,5 hours
Maximum temperature
120° C
Dyeing depht on part
Up-to 300µm
Container Volume
70 liters
Dyeing process
Maximum part dimensions
∅380 x 370 mm
Basket volume
50 liters
Optional baskets
Small, Medium & Large
Color specs
10 standard colors, RAL/ PANTON, custom colors
Tests in water
No color loss
Tests under intensive light
No color loss after 200 hours
Power requirements
3-phase input voltage 380 V, 50 Hz, 8 KW, maximum 40 A
Freshwater, water consumption per cycle: 125 L
Compressed air
Compressed dry and grease-free air
System dimensions
1200 x 850 x 1070 mm
System weight
365 Kgs




Frequent questions & answers

All you need to know - No surprise!

What is the dye process?

The 3DColor system use regular water in which some coloring powder is mixed. 3D printed parts will be placed in the stainless-steel basket, which will slowly spin in the colored water. On the user's screen, you can choose preset dye cycling depending on the color and the quantity of parts.

What kind of parts can this machine dye?

All small & large parts 3D printed using plastic powder (typically SLS and MJF). The 3DColor system is ideal to dye parts in black, and in about 15 other colors.

What about bio-compatible parts ?

The 3DColor is not using a chemical process, the parts are 'washed' with colored water. Therefore, the parts are not contaminated during the dyeing process. With the machine, a MSDS report is provided with the user manual.

How deep can the machine dye ?

In the regular process, the color can dye as deep as 200 µm.

Does it consume lots of water ?

Depending on the quantity of parts to dye, you can set the program in small, medium and large volume. Small for low quantity of parts would consume less water than medium or large. When dyeing the max capacity, the machine would consume up-to 190 liters of water per cycle.

What dyeing color is available ?

The black color is the most requested by our color, especially for those running HP MultiJet Fusion machines. The regular colors such as blue, red, green, yellow, orange, pink, etc are also available. We may also be able to supply exact RAL color to your choice.


the perfect integration

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer & Dyeing system

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution technology and dyeing solution 3DColor cooperate with intelligent post-processing technology, helping 3D printing player to demonstrate the wrist rehabilitation brace, achieving the perfect upgrade from prototype to final product, leading to further satisfaction from the patients.

3D printed parts with HP 3D printer and dyed with 3DColor
Medical part 3D printed with HP 3D printer and dyed with 3DColor
Surgery part 3D printed with HP 3D printer and dyed with 3DColor
Workshop HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer & Dyeing system
Bracket 3D printed on HP 3D printer and dyed with 3DColor

For serial parts production, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution technology and dyeing solution 3DColor provide high productivity with high speed 3D printing and fast dyeing processes. The dyeing process did not affect material properties, and parts met customer's demanding requests.



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