November 17-20, 2015 | Frankfurt (DE)

Business Convention for Additive Manufacturing, Prototyping and Product Development

This year, a major entry occurred at FormNext, with x3D Group launching the Prismlab’s Fast 3D Printing technology, the Rapid Series.

FormNext is the major European event dedicated to the additive manufacturing industry. It was held in November 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany) and has featured a wide range of technologies from CAD software to high-tech metal printing solutions, through plastic 3D printers, scanners, service bureaus, etc…

Located in Lyon (France), x3D Group his introducing Super-Fast 3D Printers, the Rapid Series. It can print up-to 20 faster than most SLA printers, thanks to a patented technology owned by Prismlab headquarted in Shanghai (China).

After leading the photo industry for two decades, Prismlab has invested 2 years of Research & Development to bring their expertise in the 3D printing field. The result: a fast 3D printer, and then a full range of systems differentiated mostly by the tank size.

The Rapid Series offers a build envelope of almost 600 x 600 x 330 mm, allowing its users to print large parts in no time. Besides, they deliver high surface quality, ideal for a various range of applications & markets (medical, consumer goods, architecture, creative
design, etc).

form next nov 2015


Kamal BOUNOUARA, president of x3D Group explained:” The market suffers an increasing price pressure on 3D printing services, and the only way to optimize its margin is by producing more parts than the competition, in the same period of time. If you look at the development of the paper printing industry, the 3D printing sector is following the same curve, in a much shorter time”.

From his booth C39 at FormNext, while demonstrating their best-sell Rapid400, Kamal continues: “At first, the visitors have been attracted by the modern and sleed design of the Rapid 400. And they very impressed by the printing speed and the quality of the model printed.”

The Rapid Series includes 3 models: The Rapid200 with a 108x192x192 tank size, the Rapid400 with its 384x384x216mm build envelope and the Rapid600 which offers print volume of 576x576x384mm.

They are able to print layers as thin at 50 microns, and the resins available are sold at very low cost. And to help their users be more competitive, the Rapid Series are offered with an Open Source technology, allowing third-party resins to be used in those printers.