High Speed 3D Printing


The largest 3D printing centre in Lyon has just opened, showcasing brand new technology :
patented high speed 3D printing… follow the guide.

Examples of 3D printing of the OnlyLyon logo

A stone’s throw from the Place des Cordeliers, x3D Group SAS has installed the largest 3D printing centre in Lyon and the first to offer everyone, individuals or professionals, 3D printing services based on new patented high speed 3D printing technology.

In the past 16 years, Kamal BOUNOUARA, president of x3D Group, has built up international expertise (in France, the United Kingdom and the United States) in the manufacturing sectors, including in 3D printing technology. Having worked in the past with the major 3D printer manufacturers, he realized that the market could not continue to operate with current technology and demanded better performance and flexibility.

«There is an ever growing variety and increasingly intuitive range of 3D software solutions. And cutting-edge professional and industrial sectors integrate 3D printing to express their creativity, reduce their prototyping costs and develop new products to satisfy more customers, more quickly, » explains Kamal BOUNOUARA.

« The largest 3D printing has opened in the largest district of Lyon ».

Many 3D printing techniques already exist, from personal 3D printers to industrial systems dedicated to metal. x3D Group focuses on plastics prototype applications, where it is breaking ground with new, patented high speed technology.

High speed 3D printing helps reduce costs
and lead times and increase
productivity & creativity.

CEO x3D Group Kamal Bounouara

« High Speed allows us to produce several prototypes within a very short time scale, thus lowering production costs, with a knock-on effect on sales prices. In addition, our printers have a large printing volume (400 x 220 x 400 mm). We can thus embed several models in the same volume and print them in the same run. Finally, our materials provide good visual properties at competitive prices. With all these advantages, we offer our customers high-quality surface 3D printing, at attractive prices and with short lead times. »

Having started up in October 2015, requests are flooding in from different sectors, such as engineering, retail, architecture, medical & dental, artistic sectors, design offices… Printed models may be used for visually signing off a project or display.

Spécialisé dans l’impression depuis 1986 le fournisseur Prismlab a choisi x3D Group

Specializing in photo-print since 1986, the Prismlab supplier has chosen x3D Group SAS as its exclusive partner for the European market. Its patented technology is very innovative. It is established on the Rapid range which allows its users to print up to 20 times faster than its competitors while delivering high
quality prints in large volumes. Ultimately, this makes this technology up to 12 times cheaper than that of its competitors.
More information on www.x3d-pro.com

Bonus: x3D Group systems are alone in the world to offer Open Source materials technology. x3D Group can offer a wider range of third-party consumables. “This advantage allows us to collaborate with our customers in their choice of consumables to suit their projects. In other words, our machines can print their parts with practically any consumable.”

On this basis, x3D Group will be launching a new service in the coming days accessible to all (individual and professional customers) via its website, www.x3d-print.com It will allow users to upload their 3D files and, depending on their choice of criteria, instantly obtain a cost price. And once the offer is validated, x3D Group will print and ship the pieces.

For example, an iPhone shell case would cost barely 2 euros

The production room :

Capacity of 12 machines,
with a lab to finish the parts
before packaging.

Another advantage is the extensive operation of the machines. To ensure prompt service, these 3D printers run non-stop, day and night. Following in-house methodology, x3D Group will probably print small pieces during office hours, in order to satisfy urgent or last minute requests. For the others, the 3D files will be transmitted to the machines at the end of the day.
For Maxime CHENOUN, the engineer operating the machines, night printing allows him to process these pieces upon his arrival at the office, while the machines start printing the new 3D files.

The pieces are then processed according to the customer’s requirements (painting, protection, etc.). They are then carefully packaged to ensure delivery without breakage. With 6 people in the team, Kamal BOUNOUARA has strong ambitions. «The 3D market is still largely under-exploited. We receive new requests almost daily. An example: a manufacturer of small devices has asked us to produce dummies for its dealer network. I am infinitely grateful to my partners, FEI, BEI and BPI in particular, not to mention my personal network, without whom this start-up would have been more complicated. We are currently developing on the European market, especially after our success at the FormNext fair in Frankfurt which was our real starting point ».

Printing examples
Exemples d’impression x3d-group