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Industrial SLA 3D printers SystemX are designed to 3D print functional and visual parts with very high precision. For this, thanks to innovative features, SystemX machines reduce costs, production times, while improving the quality of parts.

The SystemX machines are ideal for prototyping needs. In addition, they have become perfect for mass production. Indeed, the printed parts look like plastic injection parts, with very fine details and with the expected functionality.

Finally, industrial SLA 3D printers SystemX can print in a very wide range of materials, thus opening the way to multitudes of applications.

Innovation in Stereolithography

A Powerful Laser Source = High Speed 3D printing

SLA 3D printing is a rapid prototyping 3D printing technique where a laser beam photo-polymerizes liquid plastic (called resin), in successive layers.

For this, the industrial SLA 3D printers SystemX are equipped with a laser source with a wavelength of 355nm deemed to be very reliable and durable. Indeed, the latter delivers a large power of 250 to 1,000 Watts with an exceptional beam constant and a very thin beam diameter.
  • VERY FAST 3D SLA PRINTING: By combining this laser source, software intelligence and material, the Industrial SLA 3D printers SystemX prints much faster than its competitors. With scan speeds of up to 10 meters per second, it will therefore print your large parts in very short times.

  • VERY FINE DETAILS: Thanks to its very fine beam diameter (from 80 to 250 microns), the SLA SystemX 3D printer will be ideal for printing functions or patterns on parts, even very small.

A total cost of ownership (TCO) unbeatable

Popular for the quality of printed parts quickly, SystemX machines use several innovative technologies developed to enable them to deliver the best productivity to its users.

Its solid design and choice of premium components ensures the longest durability of the system.

Finally, thanks to its on-board intelligence, its high precision and an excellent interface with Somos resin, SystemX machines offer remarkable repeatability.

This is why SystemX industrial SLA 3D printers will bring you a very competitive operating cost (TCO).

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PreciX Flow, your resin saver

SystemX SLA 3D printer & PreciX Flow filling resin

The purchase of an industrial SLA 3D printer involves the purchase of a large volume of dormant resin to fill the vat for the machine to function.

Based on our experience as an industrial 3D printer, we have developed PreciX Flow resin. Transparent and exclusively developed for the RapidX and SystemX ranges, it will fill up to 90% of the volume of the tank. Then, all you have to do is add the few liters of stereolithographic resin to print your large parts.


  • You reduce your initial investment,

  • You improve the quality of your prints,

  • You reduce maintenance operations.

A SLA system built to last

Under an elegant design, the SLA SystemX 3D printer encloses a very robust mechanically welded steel structure. The latter thus ensures the excellent stability of the assembly.

In addition, the guide rails are installed on a marble support (not metal). Therefore, this technique guarantees perfect positioning of the guides, and also avoids any risk of expansion during climate change.

Finally, its electrical and electronic components are chosen from renowned manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc., thus auguring better sustainability of the system.

Construction Imprimante 3D SLA SystemX

A smart SLA machine

Interface opérateur pour imprimante 3D SLA SystemX

Thanks to the Open-Source technology of the SystemX machines, and based on our experience as an industrial 3D printing organization, we have simplified the operator interface as much as possible, while giving it access to many advanced functions.

Creating strategies by material, adjusting parameters, pausing and resuming a work in progress, etc., will allow you to optimize your machine to the maximum and therefore obtain the best ROI on the market.

Finally, thanks to its smartphone app, you can easily follow the current production remotely and thus facilitate your production planning.

SLA 3D printer SystemX in video



Pièce imprimée en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX
Pièce transparente imprimée en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX
Proto moteur imprimé en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX
Prototypes imprimés en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX


Perfect SLA Parts for all sectors

With the industrial SLA 3D printers SystemX, you will be able to print very high quality parts for different applications such as:

  • Dies for vacuum casting

  • Mold shells for metal casting

  • Functional assemblies

  • Wind tunnel models

  • Health items (dental, surgery, medicine, etc.)

  • Templates and various accessories

  • Production of customized flow platform for tests

  • Statuettes & figurines

The SLA SystemX 3D printers are ideal for unitary and serial 3D printing, of small and large dimensions.

Dental SLA 3D printing

Advanced Materials for High performance parts

The Somos® line of resins from DSM Additive

At DSM Additive, their objective is clear: unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing, enable sustainable production and improve the lives of customers.

The DSM team helped pave the way for the additive manufacturing industry over 25 years ago with Somos® products - and have never stopped innovating.

Helping you make it happen means giving you the choice of finding the right hardware for your application. This is why DSM Additive focuses on the application, not on the technique.

x3D Systems offers the entire Somos® range, such as Evolve, Perform, Watershed, etc.

Magics, the most powerful 3D printing software

Magics from Materialise

The 3D printing industry is making headlines and a multitude of technologies are driving the development of new applications. Whatever technology favored in the future, voxels, points, triangles ... Materialise Magics is ready to support you in your activities!

This versatile STL editing and data preparation software designed for additive manufacturing and recognized on the market allows you to convert files to STL format, correct defects, modify your design and prepare your construction platform. .

x3D Systems offers Magics software to its customers and provides training and technical support.

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