Large Scale SLA 3D Printer I SystemX 801

High productivity & Precision

With its 1000 mwatt laser source, the SystemX-801 3D SLA printer is a solid machine for printing detailed parts with high precision. Fast and easy to use, it is equipped with software and hardware technologies to guarantee the best repeatability and productivity.

Offers 800 x 800 x 550 mm build volume 

Innovative resin saver

Advanced Process Software

Up-to 10 m/s
Beam spot diameter
0.12 to 0.8 mm

Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing process and an example of a 3D printing process. This technology uses an ultraviolet (UV) laser to transform a photosensitive resin (a liquid material that becomes hard when ultraviolet light is projected on it) into solid 3D objects, layer by layer.

This manufacturing technique is ideal for making single pieces or in series, with a very fine surface quality, of quality very close to plastic injection. In addition, it also allows printing of finer details and walls than on other technologies. Stereolithography is ideal for the needs of rapid prototyping, models, and production in small & medium series.

Some Examples

Pièce transparente imprimée en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX
Pièce imprimée en SLA 3D sur imprimante 3D SystemX
Large Scale SLA 3D printed part Automotive
Prototypage SLA 3D avec imprimante 3D SystemX



The 3D SLA SystemX-801 is designed to work 24/7. Easy to use, she dispose of an SLA advanced technology to deliver precise and detailed parts.

  • ROBUST STRUCTURE: The SystemX-801 is manufactured with a solid mechanical assembly and a marble base to guarantee the perfect flatness of the guides, the mechanisms are driven by an intelligent package of high-quality electrical & electronic software and components.
  • RESIN SAVINGS: The principle of stereolithography (SLA) implies that resin tanks must be full before starting to print in 3D. SystemX machines come with a feature that requires only a few liters of resins to start, and still be able to print large parts. This saves up to €140,000 in 'dormant' resins!
  • PRODUCTIVITY: With its fast scanning speed and adjustable beam diameter, SystemX machines can achieve complex and intense production in a short time.
  • THIRD-PARTY RESINS: SystemX machines print detailed and resistant parts with its large range of resins. With an open-source technology, they can also print in 355 Nm.
  • OTHER BENEFITS: SystemX machines print very precise parts in a wide range of materials, offering a wide range of possibilities. Bonus: they can be monitored with a mobile application.


Building Technology
Exposure Technology
Overhead type LCD
Laser Source
Triple Frequency solid laser Nd:YVO4
Wave Length
354.7 Nm
Laser Power
1.000 mWatts
Scanning speed
6 to 10 m/s. (8m/s)
Beam Diameter
0,12 to 0,8 mm
Print Volume
800 x 800 x 550 mm
XY Precision
±0,1 mm on 100 mm
Z Precision
± 18 µm
Working Temperature
Equipement Dimension
1,28 x 1,54 x 2,24 m
Equipement Weight
800 Kgs
Power Requirement
200-240VAC - 50/60Hz - 15Amps
Operating Language
File Format




A large range of advanced materials for a large range of applications

For more than 25 years, DSM has been working with customers to accelerate product development, develop 3D printed manufacturing tools, and create end-use parts. They offer solutions for many applications, including direct manufacturing (end pieces) and indirect manufacturing (prototyping, injection molding and precision casting).

When used in SystemX SLA 3D printers, the DSM Somos® resins below will produce high performance parts at a very competitive cost.

Somos® 9000 series


Somos® DMX SL-100

Somos® Element

Somos® EvoLVe 128

Somos® GP Plus

Somos® NeXt

Somos® NeXt LV

Somos® PerFORM

Somos® PerFORM

Somos® ProtoGen

Somos® ProtoTherm

Somos® Taurus

Somos® WaterClear Ultra

Somos® WaterShed


the perfect integration

3DP Service Bureau

The stereolithography is known as the original 3D printing process for producing rapid prototypes and show models since early 80s.

This technique utilizes a UV laser that cures parts one layer at a time in a photo-reactive resin. Widely recognized as the most accurate among other 3D printing techniques, SLA is the popular choice amongst engineers looking for fine detailed, small featured parts as well as extraordinarily large components.

With the SystemX 801 SLA 3D printer, we can build parts as fine as 50 microns layer thicknes, virtually overnight from your CAD data. We usually print with Somos WaterShed transparent resin and Somos EvolVe 128.

What we appreciate mostly:

  • Its precision : our automotive customers are very demanding and this machine does the job nicely,

  • Easiness : all my operators run this machine with little training only, we also use powder-bed machines.

  • Investment cost : it is very competitive, I am not shy about that!

Greg B. , Owner

SLA 3D printer SystemX 801 for large scale 3D printing services
Large Scale SLA 3D Printed model
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SLA 3D printing auto part with black material
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